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Hard to discover tips and apps for making macOS pleasant

Inspired by a few different conversations with friends who’ve switched to macOS where I give them a whole bunch of tips and recommendations I’ve learned about over many years which are super important to how I use my computer, but often quite hard to find out about, I decided to write them all down:

Hidden macOS tips


A big part of why I prefer macOS is this list of macOS-only native apps which often don’t have adequate substitutes on Linux:

Bonus: Browsers

Bonus: IOS

IOS also has a bunch of hidden UI features, especially if you have a medium-old model of iPhone that still has force touch sensors.

Bonus: The Chromium Catapult Trace Viewer

The motivation to write this post was caused by a conversation with a friend about macOS, which was in turn kicked off by a tweet about the The Chromium Trace Viewer (AKA Catapult). Catapult is super easy to get started with for visualizing trace data and I know lots of different people and projects who use it. Almost none of them know about this incredibly helpful first tip until I tell it to them, so they’re stuck with having to switch to the zoom tool in the toolbar:

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