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Too Many Projects, Not Enough pro

I have too many projects, so I started a new project to solve my problems. This project is a little tool called pro which allows you to easily deal with all your git repositories.

It has a handful of very useful features, each of which solves a problem that I have experienced. I imagine they will be useful to others as well. You can get pro by running gem install pro.

Do note that a Unix system is required to use this, so it won’t work on Windows without Cygwin.

CD’ing to a project’s repository

Cd’ing to your projects is harder than it should be. There are many tools that try and solve this problem using frequency and recency. Pro solves the problem by fuzzy searching only git repositories.

The pd command allows you to instantly CD to any git repo by fuzzy matching its name. You can install the pd tool (name configurable) by running pro install. Once you have it you can do some pretty intense cd’ing:

pd demo

State of the Repos Address

Oftentimes I find myself wondering which git repositories of mine still have uncommitted changes or unpushed commits. I could find them all and run git status but it would be nice to get a quick overview. pro status does this.

pro status

You can also run pro status <repo> to show the output of git status for a certain repo.

Run all the commands!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could run a command on all your repos and see a summary of the output? Now you can!

You can do this with pro run <command>. If you don’t pass a command it will prompt you for one.

For example, searching all your repos for ruby files:

pro run

Notice that it double checks before running so you don’t accidentally run rm -rf * on all your projects.

The Pro Base

Pro can use a base directory to speed up its search for git repos. By default it uses your home folder.

To set the base directory either create a file at ~/.proBase containing the base path or set the environment variable PRO_BASE to the path.


pro is a handy tool that makes working with lots of git repos much easier. If you want to get it run gem install pro. You can also check it out on Github.