Tristan Hume

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I am a Canadian student developer interested in programming, finance and electronics. I write iPad, Ruby, Qt and Rails apps for fun, work and homework. I’m currently studying CS at the University of Waterloo.

About Tristan

Personal Projects

These are some of my personal software projects.

An iPad app for personal finance planning.
A Ruby command line tool for managing Git repositories.
A web app for visualizing long term stock market data
The New Open Turing Editor
An improved implementation of the Turing language, including a new editor written in Qt. I also wrote a compiler.
A ruby gem that that manipulates PNG files to create magic thumbnails.
A work-in-progress eye tracker that requires only a normal webcam.

Tristan’s Blog

Stuff I’ve Done

This is a list of the things I have worked on and am currently working on. It is in kind of chronological order. I will try and write down all the things I have worked on. Unfortunately I don’t remember many of the things I worked on in years gone by. I am also more productive nowadays so the list will look a little top-heavy.







ERROR: Tristan’s memory does not go back further than 2009. Tristan’s exploits before this mostly included websites, science fair projects and Lego Mindstorms.